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Energy generated for Ohioans, in Ohio. 


Community solar facilities are shared by multiple community subscribers who receive credit on their electricity bills for their share of the renewable power produced. Community solar provides access to the benefits of solar energy generation, even if they don’t have the means or the freedom to place panels on their homes or businesses. It expands access to energy choice for all, including low-to-moderate income customers, while building a more resilient electric grid. 

What is community solar? 

House Bill 197 supports energy independence by encouraging the development of new homegrown energy sources for Ohioans. It would create a pilot project offering nearby residents the choice to power their homes with renewable, less expensive energy sources. It would also enable Ohio businesses to access renewable energy generated in Ohio, instead of leaving them to purchase energy from neighboring states.  

Why should I support community solar and current legislation in Ohio? 

Receive information to stay informed 

An independent analysis of HB 197 found that all Ohio consumers would see a cost benefit, which would be achieved by offsetting transmission charges, deferring electric system upgrades and avoiding electric generation costs - and that those benefits would counter any rate impact. A community solar program as proposed in HB 197 largely pays for itself. Ohio imports of and payments for wholesale electricity would go down, which means a more secure Ohio with more Ohio investment in local clean energy.

Is there a cost to community solar?

Ohio Republicans introduce bill to start community solar pilot program 

“Our state is primed for community solar and all its economic benefits,” said Representative Hoops. “This new bill will ensure that projects across the state can generate clean energy, ratepayer savings and local jobs in a fast-growing solar manufacturing industry right here in Ohio.” 

In the News

Community Solar would be a ray of sunshine for small family farms like mine: Phil House

FROM CLEVELAND.COM: As a proud American small family farmer, I am excited to support House Bill 197, which would create a community solar program for Ohio. I am asking Ohio lawmakers to do the same.

Ohio establishes 1.5GW community solar program

Ohio follows in the footsteps of Minnesota which also recently passed a solar legislation with a US$80 million incentive program and which included an update on the state’s community solar gardens (CSG) which increased capacity from 1MW to 5MW as well as removed contiguous county restrictions for new projects. 

Our Partners

Join Our Coalition 

Please join Homegrown Energy Ohio and add your name to the list of businesses, associations and individuals who have come together in support of energy independence for Ohio and energy choice for Ohioans. 


*Source: Ohio University Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service

Community solar by the numbers 

A pilot project authorized by HB 197 would have an immediate impact on jobs and revenue in Ohio. It would also create a model for the project – and the benefits – to be expanded statewide. 

Supporting Legislation to Build Community Solar Access 

Opinion: Ohio faces an energy affordability crisis. Cheaper, renewable energy needed 

If we are able to unleash more solar production, these and other Ohio businesses could access energy generated right here instead of having to purchase it from neighboring states. And it would be yet another feather in our cap as Ohio attracts even more companies who have committed to using renewable energy. 

Letter to the Editor: Ohio community solar is the future for Lake county, elsewhere

I’m a former engineer at the Diamond Shamrock Painesville plant, urging strong support for Ohio House Bill 197 — our state’s vital “community solar” legislation. I write this as our local Lake Development Authority is seeking funding to repurpose some of the former Diamond Shamrock property into a solar farm. Opinion Colum: Ohio’s moment to shine with community solar

Ohioans deserve to pick the best energy solution for our families and save us the most money. That’s why it’s so exciting to see bipartisan support for a bill to help us do that. House Bill 197 would create a pioneering program to allow people to benefit from solar energy without installing it in their homes.

Students show support for community solar access and for House Bill 197

Dec. 6 to show their support for community solar access and for House Bill 197. The students, from Cleveland School of the Arts, Lakewood High School and Laurel School, wore matching yellow shirts indicating their support for solar energy.

House Bill 197 supporters attend hearing of the House Public Utilities Committee

Supporters of House Bill 197 from all over Ohio traveled to the Statehouse on April 24 for a packed hearing of the House Public Utilities Committee. 

East Palestine derailment damaged my farm, open my eyes. Ohio needs solar programs

When a freight train derailed last year, spilling hazardous materials into the atmosphere, it damaged my farm, and it opened my mind.

Community Solar Gets First Senate Hearing

As excitement builds for community solar in Ohio, Senate Bill 247, sponsored by Sen. George Lang (R-West Chester) is scheduled to receive its first hearing in the Senate Energy and Public Utilities Committee at 3:30 p.m on June 11.

It's time for Ohio lawmakers to pass legislation supporting community solar projects

FROM TOLEDO REGIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: As concerns around electric grid reliability intensify, the need for more sustainable energy options grows. Ohio legislators have a golden opportunity to explore an innovative solution to these problems with House Bill 197.

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